Pre – school Philosophy


The BIC pre-school program addresses the whole child through an integrated approach and aims to develop a close relationship between educators, parents and classmates.


All content is taught using the target language of Arabic and English. The learning environment provides learning opportunities that allow every student to achieve excellence. Moreover, it builds a bridge between the students’ prior knowledge and the curriculum. Through the curriculum, students learn about their own culture, traditions, needs and responsibilities, and gain knowledge of their society. They learn to demonstrate appropriate behaviors associated with norms and values such as friendliness, honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility. Students work towards becoming independent learners.

          The pre-school staff aims to stimulate the learning of concepts, skills, attitudes and content, while simultaneously nurturing the development of the language skills.

          We believe that children learn best through play – oriented activities during which they use concrete, multi-sensory experiences in a safe and secure environment.

In order to promote the development of the whole person, all programs (or the whole curriculum) aim to develop personal qualities and skills leading to intellectual curiosity, effective communication, creative expression, community building, good citizenship and an appreciation for cultural diversity.

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PRE-SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY النشاطات الصفية واللاصفية قسم الروضات